1. To find social media sites for a search use the @ symbol.
Example: @google
Will return googles Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram,wikipedia, and more.

2. To find an item with max price use the $ sign.
Example: Sony Camera $40
Will return all sony cameras under $40.

3. Separate numbers by two periods without spaces to see results that contain numbers in a range.
Example: Sony Camera $40..$100
Will return all sony cameras in the price range of $40 to $100.
4. Get search results from a specific site or domain.
Examples: Bob site:abc.com
Will return all nbc.com webpages with the keyword Bob in them.

5. Find sites that are similar to a web address you already know.
Example: related:google.com
Will return yahoo, bing, hotbot, etc...

6. Compare foods and return information on calories and protein using “vs.”.
Example: chicken VS beef
Will return a result comparing the two foods.

7. Get more information about a web address, including the cached version of the page, similar pages, and pages that link to the site.
Example: info:google.com
Will return similar pages, pages that link to that site, web pages that link from the site, and web pages that contain the search term.

8. Use the minus sign to eliminate results containing certain words.
Example: jaguar -car
Will return jaguar animal results and exclude references to the car.

9. Search for an exact phrase. When you put a word or phrase in quotes, the results will only include pages with the same words in the same order as the ones inside the quotes.
Example: "google search results"
Will return pages that have the exact phrase "google search results".

10. Find pages that might use one of several words with OR.
Example: cars OR trucks
Will return results that matches with cars or trucks.

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