Google AdWords is an online advertising service used to buy a listing typically on the first page of a search result. The system is built on what are called "keywords" or basically search terms. Each user bids for a search term (Keyword) and the highest bidder wins the 1st position on the results page for that search term. The second gets the 2nd position and the 3rd gets the third position. From this point down the page splits into two columns the left side being the larger side and is organic or natural results for your search. The right side column is all paid adverting and goes to the 4th paid position and so forth.

1. Bring In New Customers

Google is the phone book of today and 67.5% of those people use google to search for a product or service. Those search results include your competitors listing right along site you in the search results. Statistically the higher your search result rank, the more traffic you will get. With Google Adwords, you can basically buy your way to the top of the page. As the first 3 search results and entire right side column are paid ads using Google Adwords.

2. Immediate Traffic

Google Adwords is like a traffic faust with what can be very expensive water. Sign up for an account to bid on a keyword (search term) and if you bid high enough, you will receive instant new customs or instant traffic. Of course, this is where things get a big complicated. You get instant traffic, but not all of those new users to your website are going to buy your product or your service. This is where the relevance of your keyword (search term) and your business come into play. Along with a slew of other settings and tracking information.

3. You Only Pay For Clicks

Google only charges you your bidding price if someone clicks on the ad, no matter how many times it is displayed. This means if your ad was displayed on 1000 search result pages and only one person clicked your ad. You only pay for that one click and only up to the max of what your bid was.

4. You Only Pay To Outrank The Next Bid

Google also only charges you the amount of your bid just over your competitors bid and nothing more. For example, if you bid $1.00 on the keywords "Google Adwords" and I bid $0.75 on the same keywords. If we were the only two people bidding you would only pay $0.76 for that click.

5. Instant Cancelation

You can pause, delete or cancel and adverting campaign at any time day or night 24 hours a day.

6. No Minimum Spending Limit

There are no limits so if you want to bid one cent on a search term (Keyword) you are free to do so. Of course don't expect to get a click as most keywords are being bid on by thousands of users.

7 Time Control

You can choose what times of the day or what days your ads are shown. You have the ability to set a schedule in advanced for your ad and let it run.

8. Area Targeting

Adwords also gives you the ability to target a specific area or even a specific radius of users around a specific area. You can also select multiple target areas for the same ad.

9. Search Term (Keyword) Control

With Adwords you can be very specific about the clients/traffic you want to your website by the keywords you bid on. You can even use what are called negative keywords to block out specific users that are not relevant to your business.

10. Profits

You can factor in your profit margin and calculate how much each click costs along with how many of those clicks actually turned into paying customers. This gives you a clear an concise view to determine if Google Adwords is profitable for you.