content Considering that almost every business today has an online presence, it goes without saying that a business that invests more into their website to create quality relevant content will sore above the rest. Quality content is a huge ranking factor that seeks to bridge the gap between just having an online presence and capitalizing on that presence for financial gain.

Below, discover the types of content available to you, how to effectively create and use that content and the benefits associated with that content.

1. Articles, Blogs and News
You have knowledge and insight into your industry and products that many do not. Share that knowledge with articles, blogs or online newsletters relevant to your business model or product. They can be how to style articles or blog style updates about your business. You can have articles about new products or services you can write blogs about the projects you are working or about completed projects. This area has no limits, just make sure it is well written and keep it relative to your business.

2. Images
The more the better. Take pictures of products and not just from one angle, but many and post them all. Take pictures of completed projects or before and after pictures. A picture says a thousand words and if someone is just glancing over your website you can provide them with a lot more information in a picture than a description.

3. Videos
Everyone loves videos just look at YouTube. If a picture says a thousand words, then a video is an encyclopedia. Create videos about your business, services or products. Post them on YouTube and embed them on your website. It's one thing to look at a picture of a product, but to see it in action or in a video gives you a much better understanding.

4. Reviews
content reviews I cannot stress the importance of reviews just look at the Amazon business model. Encourage clients to post reviews on your site and share them with other users. I know reviews can be scary for a business, we have many clients who are in the same boat don't worry a negative review is more important than a positive one.

What did you just say? Yes a negative review is more important than a positive one allow me to explain. People are going to post a review about your business online its a fact. They could be google business reviews or yelp reviews, but you will get reviews. It's how you handle the reviews, especially negative reviews that is important. No one is perfect we all make mistakes and you will never please 100% of your clients 100% of the time. So what do you do if you have a negative review. First never let a negative review go unanswered reach out to the person that posted the review and fix the problem, maybe its a refund maybe its a discount maybe its as simple as an apology. Show that you care about your client and fix the issue. I once was talking to a manager of a restaurant who stated that she looks forward to customer complaints. Why would you want a complaint I asked, to which she answered, I don't want a complaint, but I do look forward to them because handling a customer complaint in the right way can create a customer for life.

Have you ever had a bad experience at a business I'm sure we all have but have you ever had a bad experience at a business and they went so above and beyond to help fix the issue and to show you that they care about your business that you left thinking wow what a great experience I can't wait to go back. Now that's exactly what you want to create out of every negative review. All reviewed sites allow you as the business to respond to the review. So respond to the review it could be a simple explanation, it could be an apology it depends on the circumstances but respond and show that you care. Now not only are you showing that client who wrote the negative review that you care about them, but you are showing everyone who reads that review that you care about all your clients and that is a powerful statement about your business practices that no positive review can ever accomplish.

That all being said, if you have a lot of negative reviews this is bad, very bad and should raise alarms. No its not a review issues it is a business issue at this point. If you have a lot of negative reviews something is wrong with your business not the review process. Fix the issues, fix your business practises and move forward.

5. Manuals and Schematics
If you are selling a product and there is a manual for that product then you should include on the product page. You will be surprised how many people are searching for a specific manual online and if you are able to provide that information then guess who they are going to think of if they need a replacement. Also, prospective buyers might want some specific information included in the manual before deciding if this product is right for them.

The most important benefit... you are helping people and not just any people you are helping future and current clients and if just one article, video, image, or review helped someone understand an aspect of your business or products that they previously had a hard time understanding or if you where able to share some peace of useful knowledge that helped them in some way shape or form you are on your way to becoming what google likes to call an "Authority".

Secondly, every word in every article, blog post, or newsletter, every image, video, or review will be indexed by all the search engines, creating a much larger footprint for your website. For example, if you just wrote on blog post a week by the end of the year you will have added 52 new pages to your website. That's 52 more pages being indexed by search engines that's 52 more pages clients might land on, that's 52 more chances you have at reaching a new client that you didn't have before and that's just from a blog post a week imagine if you added an image with that blog post. Well, that will be indexed by search engines as well in fact someone might just be searching for that image on say google image search. So now you have 104 more chances of finding a new client that you didn't have before.

And last but not least, this is the end all be all for a google ranking. When it comes to your searching rankings content is king and websites that are the most helpful and provide the most quality relevant content will always rank first.