content A new report has revealed that of the 66 total ads shown during the Super Bowl Twitter handles were shown in 5 commercials compared to only 4 for Facebook. However 27 commercials included a website URL and 20 included a hash tag showing that websites remain king and that some social media outlets might not have as strong of a foothold as once thought.

In fact for one of those URLS with over 6 million views the pressure was to much and at 84 lumber servers crashed trying to keep up with the demand showing the close marketing relationship that a website can still have to a video commercial.

On top of the Twitter win during the Super Bowl Facebook also had a hard time back in November when it was revealed that some viewing times were inflated by 7% to 8% due to a metric glitch that has since been fixed. There are still over 1.86 billion active Facebook users but how successful marketing to those users over other platforms is still up for debate and is highly associated with the target audience.

Some statistics come from Marketing Land’s sixth annual Hashtag Bowl that counts hashtags, social media mentions and URLs in ads shown during Super Bowl

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