social medial managment Responsive web design is a concept that is fast gaining popularity due to its practical nature and the many significant benefits it brings to responsive design enabled websites. With the widespread propagation of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, more and more users are currently gravitating towards these devices for their internet usage. These devices come in different shapes, sizes and display resolutions. To give a uniform web browsing experience for this segment of internet users, websites need to make and display properly irrespective of the device being used to access it - right from a 4 inch mobile to a 22 inch desktop.

social medial managment In an age that is predominantly defined by digital technologies, it is undeniable that social media has become interlinked with our daily lives. From checking the latest happenings to getting in touch with your loved ones and defying geographical boundaries, for better or worse social media has changed our lives. But thats not all, social media has also changed the way we do business and how business's are perceived online. The following are the top 5 reasons why your business should be using social media on a regular basis to stay connected with your existing clients and to reach out to new potential clients.

Google AdWords is an online advertising service used to buy a listing typically on the first page of a search result. The system is built on what are called "keywords" or basically search terms. Each user bids for a search term (Keyword) and the highest bidder wins the 1st position on the results page for that search term. The second gets the 2nd position and the 3rd gets the third position. From this point down the page splits into two columns the left side being the larger side and is organic or natural results for your search. The right side column is all paid adverting and goes to the 4th paid position and so forth.

1. To find social media sites for a search use the @ symbol.
Example: @google
Will return googles Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram,wikipedia, and more.

As of April 21st, 2015 if your web site is not configured for mobile users or you just simply don’t have a mobile-friendly design you will not be compliant with Googles Mobile Optimization Guidelines and you will be penalized by having your site’s SEO ranking lowered on Google, and, in association, companies that have optimized their web site for mobile users will be rewarded by having their ranking improved.
Now is your chance to make your website shine above the competition. If your competitors don’t act and you create a mobile-friendly site while their rankings are lowered you could rise to the top.