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Need some help organizing your grocery list? Try List SYNC The App Developed by DAS now available on iTunes and the Google play store.

List sync is the easiest way to keep track and manage a grocery list or a to-do list across multiple devices and with multiple people. Shop for groceries with ease. Create a grocery list checklist. Family members and friends can help manage lists together. UPC scanning allows users to scan grocery items into their list with ease. Find descriptions and nutritional information on thousands of items. Grocery list maker functions makes shopping a breeze. Create a grocery list, to do list, chore list, checklist, and more.

List Sync is the ultimate 100% FREE grocery list service. List Sync gives you the ability to search, organize, share, and manage your grocery list from any device using your iPhone, Android device, or web browser. So what are you waiting for? Download List Sync today and join the grocery list revolution to simplify your shopping with List Sync today.

List Sync's key features:

  • Manage a Grocery List from any device
  • Share management of your grocery list with multiple users from any location
  • Get product information such as nutritional information before you shop
  • Displays up to date prices on products so you know what your spending before you go shopping
  • Ability to ad custom products and descriptions to your list

Access List SYNC online at

  Android app on Google Play